Know our gins

The result of our constant effort, dedication and illusion. Enjoy a unique and incomparable flavor.

GinArt Blue

All the purity of the water of our spring to obtain a unique flavor, pure and soft. His taste is incredibly smooth and easily recognizable. Produced with the combination of ancestral techniques and the most modern technology.

GinArt Cuore

For lovers of passion, who are enveloped by the sweet fragrances of forbidden fruits. Notes to natural strawberries that merge with juniper in a soft combination full of sweetness and sensualit

Discover the GinArt events

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We create different events throughout the Spanish geography, adapted to the different types of premises that have our gins. We have agreements with monologues, singers, DJ's, hostesses, etc. If you have a trade and want to create an event in your local, contact us.